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Jimmy Orlando has always known that he belonged to be out there in amongst the hospitality industry. He began exploring food and pizza and began working in cafe’s, bakeries, and pizza shops at young age of 14.  At 16 Jimmy began a full-time working career alongside his father in the road construction industry as you do like a good Italian boy to follow in, his father’s footsteps and still continues in the industry today. 

Jimmy has always dreamed of owning he’s own pizza shop working hard through the years and in two jobs. During the day it was road construction and at night and weekends it was in the hospitality industry learning and seeking that one idea or product that will make a difference to the way we see it today that is still to this day the norm. 

And in the year of 2008 and a trip to Italy and Naples is when Jimmy came across the Neapolitan style pizza and its benefits, and taste of the real style and way pizza should be made and served. Not knowing much about it then but wanting to know more and find out how it is made and why it is made that way. 

Jimmy began to study and researching Neapolitan Pizza the methods and techniques behind the ingredients that goes behind it. Also volunteering to work at the Italian festival for the last 4 years to learn and gain knowledge in the white art of the Neapolitan Pizza. Just from his oozing passion and commitment Jimmy was accepted in and got to work with the world and Australia’s best learning the characteristics of mixing and resting the dough for the optimum time for fermentation and maturation to develop the authentic flavors of Neapolitan style pizza. 

Learning the techniques of hand stretching and manipulating the pizza ball into a Neapolitan pizza spending all other spare time to practicing at home with he’s own wood fired oven. Continued into the night’s drawing, planning, and pricing a mobile set up with the proper equipment that would fit out a large bricks and mortar pizzeria.

In March 2019 Jimmy prepared dough and pizza toppings to make Margherita pizza brought them down to the Italian festival on South Bank Melbourne where he was volunteering got to make and cook, he’s Pizza for the top 3 in the world of Neapolitan Pizza who have well over 15 restaurants all over the world. Jimmy received compliments on how perfect the pizza was and that the amount of passion that is clearly visible and for the AVPN and its traditional methods and love for the association and is pleasant to be around. 

So, in the summer of 2019 it took off from purchasing a truck that was large enough to cater the fit out required. Like the 1400-millimetre Neapolitan woodfired oven and appliances to be able to keep up with large establishments to produce the best quality Neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisine. The truck has been fitted out to look Modern retro but still very classy that fits in any background to any occasion.

Jimmy conducts business in a professional manner dressed in his chef whites or blacks Jimmy aims to please his customers and make them feel along with their guests as if we are in Naples Italy. By bringing the authenticity of his Neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisine to your occasion.


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